UFO series——you best choice for broadcasting room


         Luxon UHD small pixel led display feature 16:9 ratio, ideal for 2K, 4K, and 8k huge screen. The front serviceability completely replaces the LCD. Broadcasting rooms need high quality display equipment, Luxon’s UFO series can do it.

        Quality black LED lamps make pictures clearer and more colorful. 


        Golden ratio, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness: Designed according to ergonomics, 16:9 screen ratio, 2K 4K 8K large screens easily realized, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness, perfect viewing experience.

         Cabinet can be attached to the wall to ensure wholly front service ability.

       Through our continuous effort, Luxon’s fine pitch series has gained many successful achievements, such as the well-known CCTV business channel, Changshan radio and television station, Nanping radio and television station and so on



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